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The Geislinger Damper provides constant stiffness and a very high damping throughout the damper´s lifetime. The steel springs are tuned to optimize the natural frequency of …

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Geislinger Damper Products – Geislinger is the leading expert in providing solutions to control torsional vibrations.


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Geislinger Monitoring Geislinger GmbH, 5300 Hallwang, Austria Monitoring Catalog: Version 5.2 August 2010 2 / 22 Introduction The Geislinger Monitoring GMS Mark4 (4th generation) is an instrument designed to continuously monitor the torsional vibration amplitudes e.g. of a reciprocating internal combustion engine.


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A Geislinger Damper at the free end of the crankshaft can protect the crank-, intermediate- and propeller shaft and allows for a compact design of the propulsion installation. Normally, an engine operation restricted by a barred speed range can be avoided if a Geislinger Damper is used. A Geislinger Damper is a tuned torsional …

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The Geislinger Damper is a tuned torsional vibration damper. The steel springs are tuned to optimize the natural frequency of a system and engine oil is used to reduce torsional vibrations. Geislinger dampers protect crank- and …


Jul 08, 2010 · A torsional vibration damper comprises an outer housing, an inner part that is concentric relative to the outer housing, a plurality of chambers formed between the outer housing and the inner part, wh

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Geislinger Dampers & Couplings – Supply and Overhaul Techno Solutions are approved by Geislinger Gmbh for the overhaul and repair of their couplings and dampers. Geislinger Couplings and Dampers are designed to protect large Diesel Engines and Gas Engines from torsional vibrations produced during the operation of these engines.


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The rubber torsional vibration damper consists of the boss and plunger connected to each other with the use of the rubber ring (Fig. 5).

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A torsional vibration damper or a torsionally elastic and vibration damping coupling Matthias Geislinger Current Assignee (The listed assignees may be inaccurate.