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This will depend on whether he’s suitable for the job. This will depend on whether he’s suitable for the job or not. This will depend on whether or not he’s suitable for the job.

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If you tell me that something is a pleasure, I do not know whether it is more like revenge, or buttered toast, or success, or adoration, or relief from danger,

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whether or not meaning: used for saying that it is not important which of two possibilities is true: . Learn more.

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Mar 01, 2010 · Whether [or not] they are professional writers, many people are confused about whether [or not] they should use the phrase “or not” after “whether.”

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whether or not Regardless of whether (something happens or is the case). Whether or not you’re a member, you still have to pay admission for the special exhibit. I’m going

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Whether or whether or not. Q: I am confused about whether.When is it correct to use the phrase whether or not, and when is it correct to just use whether?

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You use whether when you are talking about a choice or doubt between two or more alternatives. To this day, it’s unclear whether he shot himself or was murdered. Whether it turns out to be a good idea or a bad idea, we’ll find out. They now have two weeks to decide whether or not to buy. The council

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In the phrase «whether or not,» is the «or not» always necessary?